Expanded product range and user-friendly versions of MARSHALL caliper repair kits

In 2014 more than 200 new names were added to the repair kit lineups: for new models of WABCO Maxx 22 and 1600 V-G, Hydraulics, Knorr Bendix calipers and other new models.

The list of the newly offered repair kits includes:

- Caliper Guides & Seals Repair Kit, OEM No. 640 322 926 2 (WABCO Maxx 22))
- Caliper Retaining Clip Repair Kit, OEM No. 09.801.07.68.1 (BPW)
- KNORR Caliper Guides Repair Kit, OEM No. K052759K50 (SN6-SN7-SK7)

The family of generic repair kits is complemented with numerous versions of kits available in a variety of combinations. For example, the new Wabco Maxx 22 Series comes with 3 repair kits of the generic content and offers another 19 different combinations of components.

The variety of content options available in MARSHALL caliper repair kits fits impeccably into the preferences of the consumer who may need particular replacement parts for an entire assembly or for one specific component part. In addition, our clients can take an advantage of a unique opportunity to buy individual components of caliper repair kits, which are not included in the standard catalogs. This means that the kit contents will be tailored to the needs of our clients. For example, the HALDEX Modul X Series offers more than 40 kits of the standard content range; however, clients can order any particular component of their choice (guide pins and bolts, covers, etc. – in total, more than 50 different component parts.