Air valves

MARSHALL offers a wide range of air valves and their repair kits, air dryer cartridges, clutch servos and coupling heads.

MARSHALL air valves manufacturing facility is one of the largest in the world at supplying pneumatic system parts to the aftermarket. Automated casting workshop provides consistent high-quality product and eliminates the human factor. Machining is performed using CNC machines from Mazak (Japan) and Doosan (South Korea). 100% of products are tested for performance.

All MARSHALL pneumatic system parts are packed in plastic bags and individual boxes. Fragile parts such as air dryers and clutch servos are additionally packed in foam plastic or fixed in the box with cardboard supports.


MARSHALL air valves have the following advantages:

Wide range of products

MARSHALL product range includes more than 30 types of air valves and their repair kits, standard and coalescing air dryer cartridges, clutch servos and coupling heads. Also, MARSHALL offers air processing units and parts for ABS, EBS and ECAS.

High corrosion resistance of air valves

Anodic coating applied to the surface of air valves effectively protects them against corrosion and aggressive environmental influences.

High level of protection for the pneumatic system

MARSHALL uses high-quality filler for air dryer cartridges from the American manufacturer UOP HONEYWELL which ensures high performance and long service life of the cartridges.

MARSHALL air valves have a 2-year warranty.
MARSHALL air dryer cartridges have a 1-year or 100 000 km warranty.