Body parts

Manufacturing of the MARSHALL body parts involves state-of-the-art equipment. Heavy presses with 800 kg to 1.5 t pressure force enable manufacturing of large parts from plastic SMC, namely: bumpers, grilles, front panels.
Quality of the MARSHALL body parts is achieved by the following features:

Adherence to the Original Dimensions

Modelling of casting/pressing molds is done using computer-aided design (CAD) system combined with optical scanning device. This method ensures high precision in measuring the original sample, which guarantees adherence of manufactured parts to the original shape and size. As a result, the MARSHALL body parts are fast to install in vehicles and do not require adjustment.

The Parts Do Not Require Additional Treatment Prior to Painting and Installation

When designing casting molds, the material distribution inside the mold is simulated by the computer. This results in even surface of plastic parts, thus eliminating the need for polishing. Cutting of parts after molding and drilling of various holes is done by laser method. This method is characterized by high precision and absence of mechanical effect on the treated material.

High Strength of the Parts

Reinforcement ribs on the parts have shape and thickness completely matching the OEM parameters. The MARSHALL body parts do not require additional reinforcement to retain strength.

Reliable Fastening Hardware

Bushes and mounting bolts are sealed into the parts during molding process and thus become a single unit with the part. This fastening hardware installation method guarantees that the parts will not fall off/unsnap in operation. MARSHALL guarantees reliability of fastening hardware even after several installation/uninstallation cycles.

Paint Quality

Automatic painting line ensures high quality of painted surface—without sags, stains, stripes, and other defects.
The warranty period for the MARSHALL products is 2 years.