Fifth Wheel Couplings

The MARSHALL fifth wheel couplings are manufactured using state-of-the-art European technologies. All key manufacturing processes are automated, which minimizes occurrence of any flaws. The factory features the last generation of vacuum equipment for thermal treatment, conforming to strict requirements of the CQI-9 standard regulating thermal treatment procedures in automotive industry. Modern electrophoretic chambers are used for painting by the best method that exists so far—electrodeposition.
The MARSHALL fifth wheel couplings have a number of technical features making them the optimal solution for operating in any conditions:

Wide Range

Model range of the MARSHALL fifth wheel couplings Includes more than 20 items of various designs, developed considering a broad range customer requirements. Wide selection of models combining many types of heights, loads, and designs allows customers to select the optimal models that suite their requirements.

Availability of Replaceable Parts

Separate parts of the device may be replaced if needed, eliminating the need to replace the entire mechanism.

Reliable and Safety in Operation

The MARSHALL fifth wheel are designed considering high road safety requirements:
  • Unlike many analogs, the design of the MARSHALL fifth wheel does not feature rapidly wearing parts, which ensures high reliability and extends service life in adverse road conditions.
  • The unique design of the large-radius fifth wheel increases the mechanism stability.
  • The design of the MARSHALL fifth wheel features multipoint lubrication system to reduce wear and ensure long service life of the mechanism.
  • The product range also includes special models with extra lifting capacity adapted for work in offroad conditions.
Quality of the products conforms to the international Standard ISO 9001:2008. The products have a 2-year warranty.