In MARSHALL mirrors, aluminum has been replaced with more expensive chrome used as reflecting substrate. The application of chrome guarantees clear reflection and protects the driver against the risk of blinding during nighttime. The mirror coating is applied by using the vacuum deposition in dust-free room that is why the coating is distributed uniformly and the mirrors are totally safe from dusting.
Mirrors MARSHALL have a number of benefits:

Fast  uniform and safe heating

The heating elements of the MARSHALL mirror glass are made with the silver coil. The coil of this type is fast to be heated and can withstand the set heating temperature. The heating elements are fixed on the mirror glass with the help of glue, which is applied in a solid layer onto 90% of the surface. This size of the fixation surface ensures complete adherence of the heating element to the glass, thus facilitating its fast, uniform and safe heating.

Protection against overheating

The electric system of MARSHALL mirrors is similar to electric systems used for products of OEM manufacturers. High-speed motors used for mirror adjustment are perfect for quick and precise adjustment of mirrors. All mirrors that have heating are equipped with built-in protection against overheating. The electric system is tested at temperatures ranging from -40 to +70°C in a high humidity environment.

Match the original prototypes and have neat external look

The molds for casting and pressing of cases and brackets of MARSHALL mirror are based on the original specimens and are modelled by using the automatic projecting system, which ensures that MARSHALL cases and brackets match the original prototypes in size and in strength. Assembled mirrors are monolithic and free of clearances. After casting or pressing, cases and brackets are treated, cut and painted in automatic lines to achieve precise jointing of mirror parts, neat external look without scratches, fins and other defects, which are typical of manual treatment.